Short Sale

A short sale is a special transaction that allows you to sell your home, even when your mortgage debt is higher than the value of your home. 

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We are professionally trained "Certified Short Sale Realtor" who has been specially trained on how to negotiatie a settlement with your lenders so you can sell the property and get out from under this burden.   We have co-authored the book "Should I Short Sale My Home?".

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Best of All, our commission will be paid by the lender, so you won't have any out-of-pocket expense!

Stop foreclosure. It’s not too late. Many home owners find themselves falling behind in payments and could be facing the possibility of losing their homes.  Perhaps you’ve suffered declining home value, upside down on your mortgage or the loss of a job, are experiencing a divorce, or a personal tragedy. Hardship is difficult under any circumstance, but losing a home as a result of foreclosure or bankruptcy can destroy your credit in the long-term and feel like failure in the short-term. After-all, foreclosure can stay on your credit report for up to ten years. There is a ready solution: a real estate short sale.
It is not your fault that home prices have declined so quickly.  Many people are in the same situation, but you don’t have to DESTROY YOUR CREDIT AND HEALTH by worrying about the financial burden!
When you call us today, we will explain in depth the many benefits to you of a short sale. In general terms, a short sale occurs when your lender agrees to accept less than the total balance due on your property as payment in full. After an agreement is reached, you contact a professional to quickly facilitate the sale of your home. True, you will be selling your home at a loss, but it’s actually a win-win. You avoid foreclosure and your lender gets paid.
The future is uncertain for everyone. But foreclosure has some guarantees. Once your home becomes property of the bank there are no alternatives for regaining ownership. Your finances will likely be worse off, and the potential emotional stress is impossible to predict. We offer you the experience and motivation of our network of professionals to jump-start a solution growing in popularity. Industry experts endorse the short sale because investors are always searching for the best deal. These investors are our clients too. Together we can act fast.

Short Sale and/or Foreclosure Disclosure

Sellers who are facing foreclosure or considering a short sale should agree to seek independent counsel pertaining to sale of their home, land, real property in the matters of state and federal taxes and legal implications. The sellers should contact the appropriate real estate attorney and/or certified public accountant to obtain qualified counsel relating to implications of selling their real property.